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    MTGO Digital Cards - Magic the Gathering Online Digital Cards

Welcome to MTGO Selling Bot!

Whether you are a casual Magic Online player or a tournament master, you always want to be ahead of the trends. Learn about different strategies and decks and even buy the awesome cards you've been looking for to make the most powerful decks. 

This site is just getting started.  The Safe Traders List and Bad Traders List are in the works.  Remember, I will continuously update those lists based on my buying and selling experiences, so check back anytime.  Keep your eyes peeled for more articles on building decks.

At some point in the near future I will start selling digital cards through the links on the left side of this page.  I know everyone wants the security of purchasing cards via credit card because PayPal can be risky.  Trust me, I know.  Long story, don't want to talk about it.  :)  If you send me your email address, I will add you to my mailing list.  You will be notified when I open the cards up for sale.

New Decks Added!!!!  Check them out!

Deck Building Strategies - Updated!

Guide to Building an Awesome Prismatic Tournament Deck

Learn How to Build a Great Prismatic Pauper Deck

Building a Prismatic Singleton Multiplayer Deck

Learn How To Build an Awesome Prismatic Singleton Deck

Safe Traders List - UPDATED!!!!!

We've done the hard part for you!  Check out my personal Safe Traders List.  Buy and sell cards and tix without fear of getting screwed over.

MTGO Safe Traders List

Bad Traders List - UPDATED!!!!

We have compiled a list of buyers and sellers to look out for.  People on this list have either screwed us over or someone else has complained about them.

Magic Online Scammer List

MTGO Decks

View Decks!

MTGO Community

Join Our MTGO Online Community! You can submit a link to your site, just remember...we expect one back!

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